Why Bazooka Goals?


No Pegging Required
The integrated spring-coil system flexes the shots and eliminates the need for ground pegging on any surface. Perfect for play on grass, concrete, and Astroturf (even the beach)!


The patented telescoping design ensures complete mobility in transport and the goal stores with minimum space requirements.


Balanced weight ensures easy carrying combined with great stability on any surface and in all weather conditions.


Telescoping Poles
Patented, folding functionality creates easy storage, portability, and set-up/tear-down.


Recoil Frame
Flexes to absorb ball impact, also safe for kids.


Quick Launch Button
Open the BazookaGoal in a flash.


Goal Strap
Frame stabilizer and carry strap, combined.


No Bag
No losing or chasing down the bag. The BazookaGoal’s durable net doubles as a casing.

"A major part of our U10 training program revolves around small-sided games. It concentrates touches in a game environment and allows kids to hone their skill and decision making in tight spaces. We’ve adopted the Bazooka goal for this activity and won’t ever look back. It has a solid frame and doesn’t blow around on the turf. It provides an ample target that also requires the kids to hone their shooting ability. And best of all, I fit four in my Mini Cooper!"

- RP, Northeast United U10 Girls Coach

“Perfect, will be much more useful in winter when it’s windy and don’t get knocked over when hit with a fast moving ball. I would imagine they are more durable than Puggs as materials seem good quality. Overall, I think they are much better than Puggs.”

- James McDonough, FA Skills Coach

“Just want to tell you the kids and parents are thrilled with the Bazooka. Best of all, they are totally safe even when a child crashes on it, which was a great concern for me with conventional goals. Panathinkos Youth Academy is now also using them.”

- Leon, Coerver Greece

"Besides the wow-factor of seeing the goal open and be ready so quickly and easily, I didn’t realize what bad habits our old training goals were fostering until my first practice using the BazookaGoals. A player shot and the ball hit the post, but stayed in play. My players, however, had already started to walk off the field expecting it to flop out of bounds. Oops, game on folks! Follow your shot; it’s a goal now, not just a net.”

- Emily W., Coach

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