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BazookaGoal_RedDot_ProductAward_2012-300x205The needs of coaches, parents, and players are met in a sturdy, self-contained portable goal that doesn’t require weighing or pegging, and stays upright even in the face of strong winds and sharp ball strikes.

The BazookaGoal is ideal for club training and small-sided games, as well as at-home training, and street/park soccer. The easily portable frames are durable, yet safe – made with heavy, heat-resistant PVC construction, high-quality netting, and patented telescoping technology. The 2’5” x 3’11” goals collapse to a convenient 4’11” size. Convenient carrying straps make toting this goal effortless at only 11 pounds.

Product Description

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions Opened: 3’11” x 2’6″ x 2’6″ | Closed: 4’11” x 7″ x 4″
Frame Black Premium PVC; Polycarbonate; Nylon fiberglass composite
Net Black mesh, 100% Polyester


No Pegging Required
The integrated spring-coil system flexes the shots and eliminates the need for ground pegging on any surface. Perfect for play on grass, concrete, and Astroturf (even the beach)!

The patented telescoping design ensures complete mobility in transport and the goal stores with minimum space requirements.

Balanced weight ensures easy carrying combined with great stability on any surface and in all weather conditions.

Telescoping Poles
Patented, folding functionality creates easy storage, portability, and set-up/tear-down.

Recoil Frame
Flexes to absorb ball impact, also safe for kids.

Quick Launch Button
Open the BazookaGoal in a flash.

Goal Strap
Frame stabilizer and carry strap, combined.

The BazookaGoal Needs No Bag
Its durable net doubles as the casing.