About Us

In 2013 Garza Wooton took over as Director of a prominent, Oregon soccer club. As Club Director he was extremely dissatisfied with the current options for practice goals. They blew over on turf and were difficult to secure in hard-packed soils, causing havoc at practices. They were bulky, unwieldy, and problematic with no longevity.

Garza discovered BazookaGoals being used by Coerver Coaching in Europe. However, they were unavailable in the United States. Undeterred in his conviction that BazookaGoal was the best option for American soccer clubs; he forged a partnership with manufacturers and founded Gear FC to import and sell the goal in North America. Today, BazookaGoal US’ parent company, Gear FC has the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute BazookaGoals in North America.

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