Club Training

Durable, Safe, and Portable - BazookaGoal is the ideal training goal for youth soccer and small-sided games.

Home Use

Backyard, parks, even the parking lot - Use BazookaGoal anywhere you find a place to run and play soccer.

Street Soccer

Just add a ball and you’ve got all you need to take your game to the streets.  Setup fast, move quickly. BazookaGoal is the ideal goal for urban soccer.


BazookaGoals have been tested and approved by The English FA, Arsenal Soccer School, and Coerver Coaching Empire. They’ve also been named the “officially recommended goal for training U5-U8 and small-sided games,” by the Oregon Youth Soccer Association.

home-logos-v2 BazookaGoals allow coaches and players to concentrate on fundamentals instead of chasing goals. Unlike other pop-up goals, BazookaGoals can be used on grass, concrete, or AstroTurf. Its patented design is durable, yet safe. The solid frame is equipped with coils designed to spring back after a ball strike, staying put – no pegging required.

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